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  • A resource for the History of the Christian church and it's roots, plus information on many other religious groups and their history.
  • Information on the beliefs of most Christian denominations and other religious organizations.
  • Information on church history, Constantine's involvement in the early church, or who was Eusebius.
  • Information about Megachurches.
  • If you would like to add comments to any article or post on this site, add information on your church or belief you can submit them to the Webmaster.
  • Access is being limited because of the nature of anonymous posts is they are often unreliable or malicious.
  • This site is based on a Wiki format, and as such works just like Wikipedia.

Editor and webmaster of this site holds a degree in theology and Greek and co-authored a work study book for Greek students, and has done extensive study in Christian church history and other popular religions.